Cooling Features :
Type Beverage Cooler
Capacity :
Gross Volume 260 Ltr.
Net Volume 254 Ltr
Performance :
Climate Class ST
Rated Operating Voltage and Frequency 220-240V~ and 50Hz
Compressor Input Power (Watt) 178 W
Rated Power(Lamp) 10 W
Compressor Type Commercial back pressure compressor
Cooling Efect Continuously maintained from 0.0°C and 7.2°C with a cabinet average below 3.2°C.
General features :
Temperature Control Mechanical
Defrosting (Automatic/ Manual) Automatic
Reversible Door Yes
Handle (Recessed/ Grip) Recessed/ Grip
Lock Yes
Refrigerant R-134a
Condenser Skin condenser 100% Cu + External condenser MS
Thermostat RoHS Certified
Capillary Copper
Polyurethane foam blowing agent Cyclopentene
[Eco-friendly (100% CFC &
HCFC Free) Green Technology]
Recommended voltage stabilizer capacity
Application Type Heavy Duty (Not applicable for indoor)
Product IP Rating No
Refrigerator Compartment :
Shelf (Material/ No.) Wire/4
Door Basket No
Interior Lamp Yes
Vegetable Crisper No
Vegetable Crisper Cover No
Egg Tray or Pocket No
Can Storage Dispenser No
Deodorzier Optional
Disinfection Feature UVC Sterilization
Dimensions (Net) :
Width/mm 535
Depth/mm 610
Height/mm 1830
Packing :
Width/mm 570
Depth/mm 655
Height/mm 1840
Weight/Kg – Net/Packing: 67.4 / 74.6 ± 2 Kg
Loading Capacity- 40HQ/ 40Ft/ 20Ft 72/ 72/ 36
CB/Safety Certificate (IEC 60335-1 & 60335-2-89) V 0202- No


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