৳ 159,000

– Ceiling Type AC
– BTU/hr: 60000 BTU/hr
– Function: Cooling
– Refrigerant Type: R-410a


Basic Features
Function: Cooling
BTU/hr: 60000
Cooling Capacity (watts): 17584
COP: 3.16
Rated Input Power (Watts): 5550
Power Supply (phase/voltage (V) /frequency (Hz) /current (A)): three/ 380-420/ 50/ 9.2
Air Circulation (m3/h): 2100 (High speed mode)
Cooling Features
Compressor Type: Scroll
Refrigerant Type: R-410a
Refrigerant Amount (kg): 3.07
Outdoor Operating Range (outdoor temperature): 200C – 430C
Evaporator Fin Type: Louvered Fin
Condenser Fin Type: Slit Fin
Maximum Pipe Length: 20m
Modes Auto Operation: Yes
Dry Mode: Yes
Fan Mode: Yes
Speed Setting: Yes (Auto, High, Medium, Low)
Auto Restart Yes
Comfort Cooling Yes
Timer Yes
Sleep Yes
Air Deflection
Auto UP-Down Swing: Yes
Remote Control
Display Type: LCD
Operation/Control: Via IR (Infrared Ray)
Child Lock: Yes
Temperature Unit Change: Yes (16​0C to 31​0C)
Packing Dimensions
Indoor (mm) [LXWXH]: 1760x765x311
Outdoor (mm) [LXWXH]: ​1030x400x1290
Unit Dimensions
Indoor (mm) [LXWXH]: 1678.5x674x243
Outdoor (mm) [LXWXH]: ​​934x398x1276
Indoor Weights
Net Weight (Kg): 42 ± 1
Gross Weight (Kg): 49 ± 1
Outdoor Weights
Net Weight (Kg): 106.7
Gross Weight (Kg): 118.28


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