৳ 7,000

– Microwave Cooking
– Mechanical Control
– Capacity: 20 L
– Knob Panel
Get One Free Microwave Plastic Dish Cover with the Microwave Oven
Microwave Plastic Dish Cover helps to keep the inner cavity of the Microwave Oven clean.


General Specification :
 20 Liters
 Voltage  220V~230V, 50Hz
 Rated Input Power (Microwave)  1050W
 Rated Output Power (Microwave)  700W
 Microwave Frequency  2450mHz
 Dish Cover Diameter  250mm
 Dish Cover Material  Food Grade Plastic

– Microwave Cooking
– Mechanical Control
– Multiple Power Level Setting for Adjusting Microwave Output Power
– Turntable & Trays for Optimal Results
– Speedy and Time Defrost
– Heat Resisting Tempered Glass Door
– Non-Stick Inner Coating for Easy Cleaning
– Cooking End Signal


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